07 September 2006

Learning From Dana

Dana has a blog where she comments daily on what she loves about the day. In my sense of periodic frustration, I tend to lose sight of what I love.

And I'm not as good as Dana. I have also to comment on that which annoys me (it helps me recognize the value of the good somehow). But it has done me good to read her blog often and remember the simple things. So here is my first attempt at it.

Thursdays are slow days.
And I want to be at home doing productive things like painting my kitchen (one corner is still grey and the rest is yellow!)
I wonder if I’d get in trouble for playing on Myspace here at work.

Something tells me yes.
But I did have fun finding old Greenville friends yesterday.

I want a puppy.
And a rug for my living room.
And curtains.

But mostly that is all.

I got to write a sermon today.
I love that.
And I got to plan the order of worship.
I love that, too.
The sun is shining and the crisp fall air feels wonderful every time I step out the door.
Always a beautiful sensation.
And I like today because it is quiet in the office,
which has given me time to feel a little like a scholar as I wrote.

It is a good day.


Dana said...

Oh, don't believe the blog: I comment on that which annoys me quite enough in real life.

Some days, sifting through the frustrating and annoying and upsetting takes so much time that I can't even get to the reasons that I like life that day. Those are the days that the blogosphere misses out on.

I'm envious of your comfortable house and grown-up job, and appreciative of all your comment-love. Thank God for sermon writing and crisp fall air, the intertwined joys and frustrations that fill our lives, and the possibilities of virtual connection.

Peace, Erin.

Ferris Family said...

I want you to have a yellow kitchen, a living room rug, and a puppy.
A kitchen that resembles sunshine, a cozy, soft, living room, and a puppy are all what make life perfect!
I love you friend, and miss you!