08 November 2006

New Shiloh pictures

Yes, I am obsessed. But what can I say? She's really, really cute!

But to save space, this time you have to go to my yahoophotos page.

www.photos.yahoo.com/rengis1999. Click on the photo album of Shiloh. We were playing in the leaves the other day with Ella. So fun! She's been good for my soul. Well, in fact, both of them have been. But Shiloh is here every time i come in the door, and she loves to sit in my lap (which won't last long), and she can't wait for me to go outside and run around with her.

It's great having a puppy.

1 comment:

susan said...

glad to know that my daughter is good for your soul. your puppy is good for my spirit. playing with her has reminded me that there really is not much difference between my 2 year old and a 9 week old puppy. they hear you speaking, but don't exactly know what you want from them. i just want love & kisses from both. the are so sweet!