29 December 2006

A New World?

Saddam Hussein is scheduled to be hanged in a few hours.
The polar ice shelf has broken free in Canada.
Barbara Brown Taylor's book has caused me to think heavily today.

All of that brings strange feelings tonight.
It's scary to wonder what Hussein's death will mean for Suuni Muslims tomorrow.
I wonder if there's anything we can do about global warming at this point.
And can the church do anything at all at this point, or should I ... like BBT ... find a new way to embrace my calling.

I'm not really thinking about leaving the church, but today makes me wonder what it is I'm doing. Can I be any good to anyone? Why do I get up every morning, wonder what is "appropriate ministerial clothing," and then spend the better part of my day planning things to keep people INSIDE the walls of the church?

What's the point? On a day like today, shouldn't I be telling people we're the only hope?!?! We have GOT to do something radical or this world isn't going to take much more.

But I'm not a very radical person.
And I don't know many Christians who are.
Maybe that's why we're in this boat in the first place.

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Kevin said...

This is an excellent post . . . thanks for your honesty. I've been reading a book recently by Brian McLaren (A Generous Orthodoxy) that has me thinking/asking a lot of questions along the lines of what you raise here (as well as tons of others).