11 April 2007

Abandoned Blog

I know, I haven't posted in a very long time. The reason is quite simple: my internet service has been down at home for no apparent reason and I feel like I should be doing other things when I am at work.

Go figure.

However, I have added a new link. The Adventures of Katie & Eliot deserves the read of all of you that frequent my blog. Katie, Russ, and I went to college together and they have once again become a powerful voice in my life. From almost 1600 miles away (thanks, Google!) Katie and Eliot touch my life almost daily. Katie and Russ have been working to adopt Eliot for close to a year now and Katie has gone to live in Antigua to be with their son until they can come home. She's now been separated from her home, her husband, her friends, and her church since November. Her stories of life, of Eliot, and of her struggles of faith inspire me to press on in my own right.

Pray for the Mohrs. Read Katie's blog. And may you find some hope and some peace in the words of this little family just trying to be together.

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