19 May 2007

The Pursuit of a Red Door, part I

On the day I moved in, my friend Heather (also my real estate agent) suggested that we paint the porch to match the shutters (a deep grey) and then paint the door a rich red. I thought it was a great idea. However, 11 months into homeownership the porch still looks like this:


I decided today was the day to change that, so I got up this morning, went to the paint store, asked Heather's dad (the store owner) what I should use to get the porch ready for its new color. He supplies me with this 'great stuff' that will peel all of that paint right off. It's the stuff the professionals use, he says. Great, I think, that's exactly what I need. He gives me the instructions and I set off for home.

Mr. Vowell told me that I should apply it thick and then wait at least 2 hours, and up to 12 hours, before I remove it with a pressure washer. So, I put the stuff on there - let me just say that this is the NASTIEST stuff I've ever used! It is roughly the consistency of pudding and smells absolutely horrible -- not to mention the fact that it takes off your fingerprints!

I go to pick up the chair (see previous post) and come back to check the progress of my stripping agent. No real change. So I sit down to watch a movie. Long story made short, 6 hours in, I get tired of waiting and decide to take it off to see how much difference it has made.

Some of the paint has been removed, but there is still a LOT to go. I had hoped to paint on Tuesday. I think the pressure washer, the stripping agent, and I will be back for round II.

At this point, I think it would have been easier to paint the shutters a lovely green, green, white, and red fleck to match the porch instead.

I must really want a red door...

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