05 June 2007

At A Loss

I received a phone call tonight from my pastor. My dear friend's mom was killed in a car accident tonight. She, her mom, and her two kids were in the car. And they're several hundred miles away.

I've never been at such a loss.
There's nothing I can do for any of them.
Please pray for them all.
My friend's husband and father are on their way there now.


Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

How are they doing? I'm praying for them!

Erin said...

Thanks, Katie! They're hanging in there. Laurrelle seems to be doing a little better today than she was a day or two ago. Thanks for keeping them in your prayers; I knew you would.

erin mcphee said...

The picture of Mallory's broken little face made me cry. I am so glad they are doing okay now - and that she can't remember what happened. Thanks for calling and letting me know. How are they now?