09 November 2007

Martian Child

This is not a review.
These are my reflections on one of the best stories I have seen or read in years.

I have always known that we are to love the widow and the orphan -- that we are to care for them. And I have known people to adopt. But now I have friends -- my friends, not my parents' friends, or people at my church -- who are adoptive parents. And I have come to embrace the idea that this really is a calling from God. There are children in this world -- in our lives -- who literally do not have one person that loves them. If we can't at least show them a little bit of love, have we learned anything at all about the life of faith? Have we really made any effort to be like Jesus if we can't love people that the rest of the world has abandoned?

Martian child is a story about one of those children.
It touched my heart.
It was realistic.
It was honest.
In some ways it was raw.
It asks the hard questions about what does it mean to be "me."
And it begs us to question whether or not we can embrace someone who's "me" isn't like ours.

Go see it.
Stop what you're doing right now, get in your car, and find it.
It is that good!

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Becca said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by our blog! We live in Frankfort. Martian Child - I've not seen nor heard of it. Is it one of those movies I need to wait for the weekend so I have time to get my head around it and let it sink in? Where can I find it? Your post seemed to indicate that you might/maybe in some way, one day be interested in adopting??? I definitely agree that the Lord calls some to adopt, and I am so thankful that I am one of the blessed people he chose to call. He is powerful and faithful and has blessed my family through adoption. For that I will forever be grateful.