11 March 2008

Reasons to Love Today

1. A few minutes to spend on creativity. I made these Easter cards this morning. The inside of each of them says "wishing you joy."

2. Reading with Akish this afternoon. I tutor her twice a week, and today she was pretty tired, so I simply read to her and let her enjoy the beauty of language. We read two Dr. Suess books and she rested her head on my shoulder as I read to her. (She also got a 95% on her spelling test on Friday! Yippee!!)

3. A nearly completed To-Do List for the week, and it's only Tuesday!

4. Finally getting rid of the headache I've had for two days.

5. Waking up before the alarm this morning.

6. 16 bags of leaves raked, meaning I can finally see ALL of the grass in my yard again.

7. Beginning a new book,

8. and trusting that the year has finished with this ...

After a day like today, I am eager to go back to work tomorrow - refreshed and knowing that the things to do this week have been drastically minimized.


heather said...

What a great start to your week!!
-love the cards
-i hear you on the headaches... ugh and what a relief!
-yay for great days to do yardwork!
-also believing we'll keep these 60 degree temps in favor of the ice!
Spring gets me so energized!!

Jody L. said...

Have you ever been to Patti's Settlement restaurant? Sometimes my family will make a trip down to Grand Rivers just to eat. It is great.