11 April 2008

The Rain Keeps Coming

I shared with you last week about my friend's cancer diagnosis. They got further results today and it is Stage III colorectal cancer. The doctors are taking some lymph nodes today and doing one more CT scan to see if it has spread beyond there. My heart is very heavy for that little family on this very difficult day.

Yesterday I learned that my friend Nancy's baby is fighting for her life in the womb. The doctors suspect a chromosomal abnormality that happened at conception. They've told her the baby may not thrive, and eventually her heart will just stop beating; but if she does make it, they'll deliver her at 28 weeks and she'll be in the NICU. Nancy is at home alone in Louisville, so I am leaving in just a short while to go spend the night with her until her husband gets home from Costa Rica tomorrow. It doesn't seem fair that nature does these things sometimes.

There are other concerns on my heart, too, but these two are the biggest. I've struggled the better part of the morning with whether to go to Nashville to be with the Couches or to go to Louisville to be with Nancy. Ultimately, I decided to go to Nancy's, but the decision was not simple. How do you choose between people you love who are struggling with life's greatest challenges?

I would ask you to pray for my friends this week. Love on them with your kind thoughts, and wrap us all in whatever hugs you can give. Even the minister gets weary from the rain sometimes.


Tim said...

You know that you and they are all in my prayers Erin.

Becca said...

Erin - your friends are in my prayers. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do. Praying for you, too.

Peace and Hugs,