21 May 2008

My Alma Mater & Guatemala

Lots of things are happening at Greenville College, my alma mater, right now, and I would ask that you keep them in your prayers. For my fellow alums and others who love this school, I've attached the links.

Dr. Mannoia, Greenville's President, has announced his retirement.

Hogue Hall is coming down. The Board of Trustees approved the unanimous decision of the structural team this past weekend.

Alex Schmidt, Director of Alumni relations, will be leaving in June to work at the University of IL. If you're on f@cebook, Alex has posted the information there.

All of these things leave me feeling a bit nostalgic for my GC days. It is a great place, an excellent school, and a gorgeous campus. Sometimes I miss it.

Also, some friends have decided to join together today to pray for adoptions in Guatemala today. The situation is a big, ugly mess (again!) and it is possible that some families who are well into the adoption process with their children will not be able to bring those kiddos home. Please pray for wisdom for those working in PGN and those in leadership. The kids just want to be loved, and the families just want to love them. That doesn't seem too far-fetched to me.

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Becca said...


So much is going on in the world right now. It seems tragedy is striking everywhere you look. I am relieved to know that you are out there in this crazy world, and I am blessed to call you Friend. With all of this pain and sorrow showing its face - I just want to reach out and hug all my friends and tell them how great they are and how much they mean to me - you included.