07 May 2008


Wednesdays are tough around here. They get very busy, very quickly, and rarely slow down. This week is even more hectic, as literally half the staff is on vacation. So I am left with much to do and little time to make sure it is all done (not finished). I need to finish this stuff on time today.

So I got up early.
I made a pot of tea, in my teapot.
I sat outside for just 5 minutes.
I had fresh fruit and granola for breakfast.
I got to work early.
A long-awaited fax greeted me on my desk this morning.
And I dove headlong into my job.

Last night, I had three very special conversations with three very different friends. A new one, an old one, and a long-lost one. I treasure each of them and their contributions to my life.

This Wednesday is shaping up quite nicely.


United Method said...

What brand and what type of tea do you like? Cheryl likes tea and if I find some that I can get into, maybe I can kick this amazing coffee habit. (I already love Irish Breakfast Tea)

Becca said...

I'm gald this week is treating you nicely. It is kicking my butt! Miss U. Oh - will you send me the blog address that has the 143 million orphans video?? I lost it.

Peace and Hugs,

Ferris Family said...

Glad Wednesday wasn't so bad for you! Hope today and the rest of the week treat you well.