24 June 2008

Don't Believe Me?

Please watch this video. And tomorrow, please remember to pray about the Global Food Crisis. Ethiopia is just the beginning.

A nickel will feed one of them. If you can, please give to the Global Food Crisis Fund.

I should also clarify, just to be authentic. Tomorrow, I will not be starving myself because my body does not respond well to a total halt of all food. Instead, tomorrow I will eat only rice and maybe some simple beans, in solidarity with those who have only rice or no rice to eat each day.

Will you join me?
Every time your stomach growls or you really want to devour the last Oreo in the bag tomorrow, remember this video and pray for those for whom hunger is not a choice.


Pete said...

And I've got to give up free food for this:( You would have to be principled wouldn't you. I'll be growling with you... but remind me to send money when I get back.

LifeatTheCircus said...

I too have been effected by this info from compassion. All week, and especially today, I just keeping thinking over and over how much we take for granted and how rich we are compared to so much of the world.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for leaving me a comment. :-)