18 July 2008

Celebrating Today!

Today, Chris & Lindsey found out that this precious baby girl is legally and irrevocably theirs.

It has been a long journey for them that began with a different little girl and quite by "accident." Through the miracles of adoption and God at work in their lives, Eliana now gets to come and live in their house. She gets to grow up laughing at Chris and shopping with Lindsey. She gets to be loved by incredible people who would have stopped at nothing to get her home.

The journey isn't over for them. Lindsey is still in Antigua with Eliana and will be until the final adoption is completed. There are still steps to complete before she can come home.

But never again will Lindsey not be a mom.
Never again will Eliana not call her momma.
Never again will the three of them not be a family.

Praise the God who moves mountains and hearts.
I'll see you THREE in Nashville soon.


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