03 July 2008

Our Day at the Zoo

Sheri and her boys met Annie and me at the zoo on Tuesday. Annie is pretty much amazing. Look at these pictures she took!

They're growing up so fast.
Thanks for sharing the day with me, my friends.
I love you each very, very much!
It was good to get away and to enjoy you.
And, Annie, thanks for capturing it so well. I will cherish these pictures for a very long time. I love you!


Ferris Family said...

I really am starting to hope to buy rasberry paint. Otherwise I'm bound to inject one of them with autism.

Becca said...


What fun! Is that you with the mommy bag on your back?? Love and miss you.

Peace and Hugs,

K.M.L said...

Cute pics! Looks like a lot of fun!

Erin said...

It is me with the bag, Becca. It's easier than a purse and a camera bag and a bottle of water.

LifeatTheCircus said...

Looks like a TON of fun!!