27 August 2008

Guatemala, Here I Come!

Three weeks from this Saturday, I will board a plane and head to Guatemala. I am so excited, I can hardly wait! The team I am traveling with has begun collecting things to take with us. So, this is your call to action. Will you help us? Here is what we're collecting for the goody bags for the women who work in the orphanage:
lotions, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, comb/brush,
hair clips, pony tail holders, soap, body mist, etc.

Our hope is to have 40 bags ready to give to the women who care for these children every day. We're also taking shoes, underwear, bras, clothes, vitamins, backpacks, etc. for the kids and for the adults, but Becca has a lot of these things.

If you have simple toys your children have outgrown that you'd like us to donate, we'll take those as well. Do me a favor and don't go "gung ho" on cleaning out their toys, but we'd love to take a few. Remember simple packing, too - I don't want giant toys or anything.

I'd also be happy to take things you think my Guatemama friends and their kiddos would enjoy (if you've been one, you'll know exactly what they need or miss). I'll let you know if I get specific needs from them.

One last thing you can do to help. The team anticipates taking extra bags and that gets expensive, so if you don't want to shop, you can just donate some money to offset the cost of the extra luggage.

If you live in the St. Louis area, I have several options for you. You can drop it off with my parents (email me for the address), or I can come pick it up the weekend of September 6, when I am in town for my cousin's wedding. Katie, do you want to be a collector of things, too? I'd ask Sheri, but things are a little busy in their home right now.

If you don't live in St. Louis or in Paducah (obviously, if you're here, you can just bring them to me at home or at the church), email me and I'll send you an address where you can mail them to me.

I cannot wait to love on these kids and on the people who care for them. Remember to keep us in your prayers, particularly Becca who is already struggling with leaving her sweet daughter Ella at home. This is a HUGE experience for Becca, and she needs our support.

Love you,

P.S. Lindsey, Mel, Erin, and others -- anything you need specifically? Email me or comment here.


Becca said...

Thank you so much, Erin! I cannot wait to experience this with you, my sister and Greta Jo!

Peace and Hugs,

Katie Mohr said...

Drop away, friends!! Mi casa es su casa!

Jodie Allen said...

I can drop a few things off at Katie's house...

Greta Jo said...

Thanks Erin! I too can not wait to experience this with you, and Becca.

Sharon, Isabella's Mommy said...

How did I miss this??????? Yay!!! Except, such a major bummer that we will miss each other by just a couple weeks! Have a great time, my friend!