14 August 2008

If You're Like Me ...

If you're like me, you read many blogs of people you don't even know.
If you're like me, you never comment on them because you think it's creepy to read about people's lives who are total strangers.
But - if you're like me, you also know the link, the way you found these blogs, and it is often through a mutual friend.

If you're like me, suffering breaks your heart.
If you're like me, you can't imagine the pain of watching your own child suffer.
If you're like me, you pray.
And if you're like me, you'd want to know of those prayers if it were your child suffering.

Meet Noah.

This is one little boy who has deeply touched my heart.
I don't know Josh and Deb, nor have I ever met any of the three of them.
But little Noah has leukodystrophy, which I don't completely understand. The short version is that it's a degenerative brain disease that has inhibited Noah's development.

In the last few weeks, Noah has had a major setback and has been in the hospital in Alabama. He remains in the Pediatric ICU and his mom said today on her blog that it appears the disease has advanced.

Please pray for this little family.
Pray for peace and wisdom.
Pray for rest.
Pray for hope.
Pray for Noah as he struggles to breathe and to expel CO2 from his little body.

And then stop by their blog and tell them.
If it were your baby in the PICU, you'd want to know that people were praying.
If it were you exhausted and sore from sleeping in hospital chairs, you'd want to feel supported.
If it were your world that had been turned upside down, you'd need all of the love you could get, even the love of a stranger.


Katie Mohr said...

Thanks, friend.

Jodie Allen said...

that was so so sweet. it made me cry. thank you.

Heather S. said...

Thanks for the reminder that it is important to support other in love - even if we don't know them. I can't even imagine what the Lauers are going through and I completely agree - if it was me, I would want all the support I could get!!

Also, thanks for the great suggestions! I am definitely going to check out Pray and Play Bible for Young Children!

Joan Davis said...

I agree some responses are definitely not called for, and we certainly don't want others to think we are cyber-stalking weirdos (I am weird afterall.) But I don't think it's ever creepy to tell someone you are praying for them. And, I'm sure the purpose for the blog at least in part is to let others know how they do need our prayers.

So I will visit their blog and leave them a prayerful comment.

Becca said...

I will be praying. Erin - you are a kind soul.

I have not visited your blog lately - I had a lot to catch up one!

Peace and Hugs,