20 August 2008

My Perfect Day Off

Could it be possible to spend a better day off than loving on this sweet little girl?
Olivia Lynn Ferris is here!
She is 6 pounds, 11 ounces of pure sweetness.
I'm sure that the sweetness will quickly become tomboyish-ness with three big brothers at home, but she is adorable.

What did her brothers think? I'll let the pictures tell you.

Cooper is absolutely in love with the sister he "prayed to Jesus" to have.

Nelson held her and looked for about 30 seconds, smiled for a picture, and was finished.

Maddox kept trying to push her out of his lap.
He just wanted his mommy.
Poor kid is in for a shocker!

Congratulations Ferris Family! She's absolutely beautiful. I love you all!

There are more pictures and all of the stats on Sheri's blog.

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Vanessa said...

That is one sweet little baby!! Congrats to the happy family!!