02 October 2008

Happy Thursday!

Today is homecoming day for the Wheelers. All three of them. Congratulations, Chris, Lindsey, and Eliana! This precious little girl is such a delight!!! I'm so excited they're coming home today.

Today Pete leaves from Oklahoma. While I won't see him until Sunday, it's good to know that he's on his way home. As an aside, he got a 95% in his class and only missed 3 points the whole month! Way to go, Pete!

It's Yoga Day!!! If you live in Paducah, you need to get to one of these classes. All of the instructors at True North are amazing. It makes my week so much better when I get to yoga regularly.

And ... of course ... It's Grey's Anatomy day!

I had a super productive day yesterday and I leave for another mini mission experience tomorrow. Come on Thursday, we've got things to do.


Ferris Family said...

NO Grey's... The VP debates are on instead... I'm not happy.

Erin said...

grrr... although I'm sure I'll be just as "enthralled" by the debate.

or something like that ...