10 October 2008

One of Those Days ...

Today is just one of those days.
It feels like it should be rainy and chilly.

The world doesn't understand today.
Today is not a day for sunshine and gorgeous weather.
It's a gloomy sort of day in my heart.
I don't really know why; there's just a "funk" in my heart today.

I am missing Antigua.
I am missing Sheri & Olivia & the boys.
I haven't been to St. Louis in almost 7 weeks.
I haven't been to Atlanta in almost a year.
It seems that my house will never look the way I want.
I'm tired of feeling like the money is always too thin.

Winter is coming, and my heart senses that.
Sometimes that is hard for me to deal with.
Today seems to be one of those days.


Greta Jo said...

I am with you my friend. Oh- how I wish we lived closer to each other.
Thinking of you!

Lissa said...

Kivrin and I are both sending cute snuggles your way. As I have recently been learning, there is nothing like a warm sleepy baby to bring a bit of peace and comfort to the world.