20 October 2008


I spoke formally about my experience in Guatemala for the first time this weekend. It took me hours and hours to come up with what to say.

How do you tell these stories?
How do you use pictures to capture stories that change your life?

How do you share this little boy in just a few words?

Or this one?

At the end, I grouped the pictures by category, explaining Antigua and it's history, then introducing the women to Dick and Mary Margaret and Dick's "kids" next. From there, I moved on to the team, telling our stories and reasons for going the best I could. I ended with a section called "meet the kids."

To see their pictures on the wall was hard. They were so large, so almost-life-sized, as they came through the projector. I longed to hear their voices again.

I wanted to share Ariyana with these women who were clearly touched by her story.

I wanted them to meet sweet Henry and experience his hugs.

I wanted them to laugh with Moises as he teased them.

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but they'll never tell the whole story.

Alex is struggling to survive. After years of fighting to get any nourishment at all in his body, the staff has finally given him a feeding tube, but Mary Margaret says the light in his eyes is fading. His little body has been through so much. He is so desperately loved by many, many people, but sometimes that just isn't enough. Pray for him and for those who love him.

The more distance I get from Hermano Pedro, the more I wonder what I can do for them from here. These kids need our love and care and I want to do what I can. We cannot meet every need, but there are needs we can meet, and that is where God calls.

Tell me, God, what needs I can meet for these kids who have captured my heart.


Greta Jo said...

I am sure you did a wonderful job. I miss all of the 'kids' in Guatemala.

Joan Davis said...

Erin, you did faboo yesterday. I was so glad I had been reading about your experience - I did feel like I had one up on the rest of the girls who hadn't read about your trip, but I think they were all touched. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I wish, wish, WISH I could have been there to hear it, dearest =) I know you were amazing!!!


Becca said...


I had a chance to do the same two weekends ago. I can't get them off my mind, but I don't think I'm supposed to. I wish I could have heard you! Missing you...

Peace and Hugs,