01 December 2008

Where Did It Go?

It's December, 2008.

How did that happen?

11 months of this year are gone. Here are a few things that have happened that stick out in my memory.
I started yoga at True North.
A birthday with my dad (we have the same one.)
Becca almost died in utero.
Becca was born, tiny but strong.
5 months with Pete.
Olivia was born, my one and only "niece."
5 days in Guatemala.
Becca (another one).
Mary Margaret.
Hunter was born.
Eliana came home from Guatemala.
Becca came home for good.
We began a whole new education curriculum for children.
I finally figured out this job.
One online course through BTSR.
Several blogger friends became real live friends.
Countless books.
4 sermons.
Endless paperwork.
Tears, prayers, laughter, smiles, heartache, deep joy, precious time, stolen moments.

2 1/2 years in Paducah.
Just this one life.

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