20 January 2009

Caroline Love

Caroline has been asking for weeks now to come to my house and play with Shiloh. It just has never seemed to work out for us. But Friday Caroline finally got to play with me while mom and dad went out to dinner. We had SO much fun!

Playing the piano.

I let her use my camera. It's fairly inexpensive and sturdy, and I love to watch children enjoy using it. Caroline was no exception to this rule!

She took pictures of Shiloh.

She took pictures of the TV.

She took more pictures of the TV.

And then she figured out how to take her own picture.

I have a ton of these now.

But this was the best part of the night. For a little background info, she's 2 1/2 years old and I work with her momma, who you will hear in the background. Enjoy!

Thanks Christina for sharing her with me! You can leave her here anytime.


Rachel Sherron said...

Glad I popped in to read your blog! "Drop it! Drop it!" So soooo cute!

SpeasHill said...

Looks like it was big fun for everyone! I see visions of Sasha and Becca...too cute.

Julie Songer Belman said...

Erin - you find the most adorable children wherever you go! Loved this video!