13 January 2009

Christmas Joy

I arrived at my sister's house in Chicago about 12:30 a.m. Christmas morning. Mom and dad were sleeping in the guest room, so my dear sweet brother-in-law had prepared a bed for me on the floor in their room. I tried to sneak in quietly, so as not to wake my sister, who was still recovering from minor surgery.

From the darkness, I heard her sleepy voice.
"Yay! It can be Christmas now."

My beautiful mom. (Sorry she's sideways.)

I love this picture! Again, sorry it's sideways.

Annie and Jai opening their new Wii.

I have no idea what she opened, but she makes hilarious faces!

My dad and Jai's mom, Linda.

We had breakfast together, opened presents, and just spent the day as a family. It was a fun day to be together.


Ferris Family said...

Annie cracks me up!

Chris said...

That foam hand with "Cardinals" on it obviously has the wrong finger sticking up on it- Annie better take that one back since it's defective. =P