13 January 2009

One More - new Sunday School

With the onset of the new year, we have started a new program in Sunday School for our elementary kids, and I am so excited about it! We are attempting at least a year of Rotation Model Sunday School, and our kids are loving it.

The idea behind rotation model is to engage the kids in the Bible in such a way that they remember it. It's not hype, it's not entertainment - it's "multi-intelligence learning." The goal is to get the to put their hands on the stories, to taste the foods, to sing the songs, to visit the temple. It's to bring the Bible to life and then encourage them to make it part of their own stories.

I love it.
I love hearing kids who are typically un-engaged in Sunday School come out of their classes saying, "Hey mom! Guess what we did today!?"
I love the smell of baking unleavened bread, kneaded in the hands of Kindergarteners.
I love seeing the faces of our kids as they act out the fear the disciples must have felt in the stormy sea of Galilee.

We've started taking pictures each week. The best ones are not the ones I take; they come from the teachers. To see those, you have to come to Immanuel and look at our wall.

Preparing to bring the Bible story to life.

Making chalices with faces on them.

Kneading this dough is hard work!

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Lissa said...

What a cool idea to keep kids engaged in what they are learning. It sure beats those bible-drill races we were always doing as kids, which have their place I guess, but in restrospect seem much more gimmicky than this rotation program.