22 January 2009

These Are the Days

These are the days I'm so glad I'm not a parent.

I have a cold, and it stinks! The stuffy nose, the cough, the low-grade fever, the watery eyes, and the fatigue. Ugh. It's not fun. And to make matters worse, I turned off my cable a few months ago and never got around to getting the converter box and rabbit ears installed, so I'm without tv on this warm, sunny, get out and play if I weren't coughing up a lung day.

I don't know how you do it, moms. How do you get sick and keep up with kids? All I want to do today is sit on my couch and stare at the television. I can't imagine having little ones running around saying, "Hey mom! Watch this." "Hey, mom. Can we go outside?" "Hey mom. I'm hungry."


On days like today, I am reminded how daunting a task it is to be someone's mom.
Kudos to you!


Jodie Allen said...

you are right erin! it does totally suck to be sick and have kids! i was super sick with the stomach flu in the fall and still had to breast feed grayson, it was awful!

feel better!!!

Ferris Family said...

I hope you start feeing better really soon. Being sick sucks! Nuzzle up on the couch under that really amazing blanket and enjoy the quiet.

Greta Jo said...

Yea E, it does stink at time....
I hope you are feeling better real soon. Oh- one more thing, please do not make any plans for the weekende of August 1, 2000. More details to come...

Love ya!

Sarah Snow said...

you are right my friend- i have all those symptoms and basically jason is doing everything- but at some point he has to work. it took me 20 minutes to change hunter's diaper while we were both lying on the floor yesterday! i don't know how ppl with more kids or less supportive hubby's do it.