10 April 2009

EH2ED #10

Those darn bags!

Buy - and use - your reusable bags! Come on, people, it's not that hard. Keep them in your car and when you go to the stores, take them with you. If you forget and leave them in your car, tell the clerk not to bag the items. Then when you get to the car, bag them yourself. Next time, you'll remember to take those bags in. I've been using my reusable bags pretty consistently for at least a year, and it's so wonderful not to have to figure out what to do with all those plastic bags.

Yes, I know. They have "tons of uses." But the biggest thing they're doing is cluttering up the landfills and the waterways and the streets and the parking lots and your house. Don't use them. Just say no. You can do it. I promise.


Leslie said...

I WOULD need about 80 reusable bags to fit all the grocery shopping i do for 6 people!!! lol

jeff said...

They make such wonderful trash bags for the bathroom trash cans. I'm too cheap to buy trash bags just for those little trash cans. I also agree with Leslie. lol