06 May 2009

I Can Craft!

Ever seen this?

This past week, I decided I could make one myself. I was so thrilled with the outcome of it.

Here's what I did.
1. Gather the items you want to "hide" in the tube.
2. Take pictures of them. It doesn't matter what background they're on because you're going to cut them out.

3. Take grains of rice (I used almost a pound for my jar.) and dye them with food coloring. I did this by taking 1/4 of the rice, putting it in one of my throw-away plastic containers, adding a few drops of food coloring and shaking it. Once the rice was colored I let it sit on a plate for a few hours to dry. I did this with green, red, blue, and yellow, so I had lots of mixed-up colors.

4. Fill the jar with rice and the little goodies. Leave some room in the jar so you can find the items. Hot glue the lid closed.

5. Take those pictures you took and cut out the items. Put all of the items on a sheet of paper and label them. I laminated mine so it would last longer, but that wouldn't be necessary. I also finished off my jar with a little ribbon. You'd think I'd remember to take a picture of the finished project, but I didn't.

6. Find the things in it!

If you've never played with a "FindIT!" game, they're great for everyone from preschoolers to senior adults. They're surprisingly fun!

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