18 November 2009

Not Me!

It certainly isn't the case that I would EVER thief chocolate from a fellow minister's office. That would just be wrong.

And it most certainly isn't the case that I would rifle through that chocolate in search of my beloved Reese*s Cups. But if I did just so happen to have a few of those Reese*s cups in my car with me for a drive to St. Louis on Wednesday, I most DEFINITELY would never let them sit near the heater and get too soft and gooey to eat. Reese*s are far too valuable for carelessness like that!

But if it did just so happen that I was in the car with a few Reese*s cups that just might have been too soft to eat, I NEVER EVER would have stuck them between the sunroof and the sliding cover to chill them with the cool November air so I could eat them without making a mess. That would just not be civilized.

And NEVER would I EVER reach up to grab my now-resolidified Reese*s cups to enjoy and accidentally shove them back further, making them impossible to reach. Nope! Not me!

But if there just so happened to be a Reese*s cup lodged in my sunroof, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I would ever fish it out when I got to my stopping point and eat it anyway. I don't know who you're talking about, but it certainly wasn't me!

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