19 December 2009

A Month!?!?

How has it been a month already?

Just a day or two after I last posted that quote from Lincoln, I resigned my position at Immanuel. I am changing careers - for now. I needed a break. I needed to take some time to feed my soul and figure out what it means for me to be a Minister. I say that with a capital M because I believe we're all called to be ministers. And my Minister status doesn't make me any more of a minister than you are. It just means it's also my "name" - the name given to me by a very special church in Atlanta. A place that taught me that the church is wretched and terrible and very, very wonderful. I've seen all of that. And right now, I need to be a minister while I figure out where God is leading me to be a Minister.

So I'll be serving some of the most neglected women in our society. I'll be with victims of domestic abuse. Day in and day out I will work with them to find some financial freedom in their lives. It's daunting and overwhelming and exciting. I'm looking forward to diving in headfirst on Monday.

But today is not Monday.

Today the Christmas shopping is officially finished, my office at church is officially cleaned-out, my computer files are officially transferred.

And I am quite peacefully enjoying my evening.

Because this is the God I serve:


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! I can't wait to hear more about your new position! Praying for you!

Greta Jo said...

Merry Christmas E! Wow, a new exciting position. I too can not wait to hear more.

Much love and most of all missing you!