08 November 2010

Freeing the Moments

holy experience

I've decided to make a list.
1,000 things for which I'm grateful.
It begins today.

The look in his eye

Coming to life again

Tears she for the orphans of the world

Prayers being lifted for a precious little girl

Wrapping my arms around Ella on Friday

The church who loves me for who I am

The way God shows up at the Table

The honor of sharing my heart from the pulpit

The way the robe feels as I slip it on, making me less of myself and more of my God

Finally feeling rested

A day to spend alone with my husband

A sister who fought the battle and survived

Nephews who make me laugh

Dreaming with my husband about our future

Learning to free the holy moments from the constraints of this world


Loni said...

Found you thru Ann's Holy Experience. Welcome to joining One Thousand Gifts. Her blog blesses me also. I've been following her for five years and had the great priviledge of meeting her this past summer.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a great idea! That is a good list.