21 February 2011

Gifts of Grace

This week has seen so many events it would be impossible to count the ways God has been at work in my life. I have seen old friends, new friends, talked with family, hugged on Ella, met with our Committee on Ministry, worked diligently at two jobs, traveled, and been in more situations than a normal week would carry for me.

In the midst of it all, this disciple, this habit of counting Gifts has been rooted deeper in my soul. In moments of frustration, count the gifts of this moment. In times of tears, where is my God in this? Where am I in this? Learning to count has been as significant in recent months as it was the first time I learned to count. It has placed me in this world. It has shown me a new way. It has given me understanding. In the midst of my selfishness, I am learning to see God. Where I want to say, "But GOD!" I'm learning to say, "But, God ...." and find where God is at work.

My cup runneth over this week with gratitude.

127. A growing group of friends

128. Finally getting caught up at work

129. A growing daughter

130. Getting to see her in action at her school

131. Watching her almost-teary goodbye, a reminder of her deep love for us

132. Her incredible Kindergarten teacher

133. Hearing that - as of right now - her Spring Break is still intact!

134. A signed form

135. Watching an amazing little girl grow and develop

136. Hunter. That's all there is to that. He is pure delight!

137. The way cheese comes in innumerable flavors.

138. A taste of my childhood and memories of my grandmother.

139. The chance to talk to my sister at length

140. Worship songs that bring my spirit to life

141. Sunshine

142. The wind of springtime

143. Hearing chirping birds as I wake

144. 6 days off in a row

145. Getting through a difficult night by counting the Graces

146. A week full of gratitude

It has been a marvelous week.


Greta Jo said...

love ya!

Craig said...

I know it’s not Ann’s Multitude Monday anymore – it’s Thursday – but there are just a whole lot of gratitude lists to get through!

First – my fave from your list was 143. Hearing chirping birds as I wake (but just the chirpy ones – not those big black ones – they’re just irritating :)

And BTW, your first words were so good. The short story was that I had a plan, messed it up, the negative voices lined up, and I did what you did, “In moments of frustration, count the gifts of this moment. In times of tears, where is my God in this? Where am I in this?” – and voila – peace.

Thank you for this – made me smile.

God Bless you and all of yours this day.