06 June 2011

Weekends are for Loving

The gift of home is one I have always treasured. In the past week I have come to appreciate home on a new level. We are settled into our new-to-us, works-for-now, rental house and are enjoying the space we have. Five days after settling in, we left to get Ella. She is with us for three weeks, and this house now feels like a home again. The weekend was a time many families take for granted, but Chris and I cherish because the days are so short until she is gone again.

147. The space to have everything we own under 1 roof.

148. A Kindergarten Graduation program.

149. Good friends with a pool on a very hot day.

150. Uninterrupted family time.

150. A job that allows me to play with kids like this:

It was an amazing weekend, and we are eagerly anticipating 2 1/2 more weeks of time to be a family. Summer is a rich time for us.

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Annesta said...

I am joining you in gratitude today. Little ones grow up so fast! Before long you will be attending a college graduation!
Enjoy your times a family.