28 September 2011

About Changing our Lives

This afternoon I met with a roomful of kids who had learned some very hard news. They learned that Chris and I are moving to Lexington in two weeks. Most of them were sad, but took it in stride.

But a few of them.....

oh, how they broke me.....

No matter what, someone is going to suffer. We cannot be in all of the places we love all of the time. But when my actions bring someone else's child to tears, I feel horrible. Especially when my own child isn't thrilled with my actions either.

We know it's a good decision. We know we will be happy there. For the most part, we're excited to be there. I have an amazing job at a stellar institution, and I am thrilled about the opportunity to serve the local church in academia.

But the brokenness remains.
Saying goodbye is always hard.

I imagine that on Monday the 10th, when we pull out of this town for the last time, my eyes won't be the only one brimming with tears.

We are making a change for the health of our family.
We are -- finally -- after nearly 2 years of upheaval, settling in.
We are going to be immensely happy there.

As soon as we get through the changes.

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Chrissy said...

You'll make it...just buy lots of tissues....and chocolate.....and sunglasses......