09 November 2011

A Season of Thanks: Day 10

On this day, I am thankful for Sheri.

It's not possible to ask for a better friend than this woman.
No, really.
They don't get better than Sheri.

This poor woman has put up with SO.MUCH.DRAMA. from my life in the past 16 years it isn't even fair. And never once has she said, "That's it! You're a lunatic and I can't take this any more!" She has always, always, stood beside me. She is an incredible friend.

So here's my Top Ten Reasons I Love Sheri Ferris list:

10. She's always up for any opportunity to see one another!
(11:00 pm at a gas station in central IL on Christmas Eve. We just had to see each other and were heading opposite directions.)

9. She is her own person. This girl says she's self-conscious, but I've never seen that. I see a woman who knows who she is and isn't afraid to share it.

8. She's freaking hilarious!
(Yes, she's kissing a Twinkie.)

7.,6.,5., and 4. She's an incredible mom! I love her kids, love the way she parents, love the fun things she does with them and for them.

(first picture of the complete Ferris family!)

3. She lives life fully!Olivia's first Black Friday shopping trip.
Of course a 3 month old baby needs to see the windows in downtown Chicago!
Olivia is such a princess; I can't imagine that Sheri has had anything to do with that! :)

2. She has a great sense of style!
(and apparently an obsession with weird hats)

1. She will give up anything for the people she loves.
No, really!

I got married on her 11th anniversary. And she left Olivia on her 2nd birthday to come down two days early and help with the wedding. When I asked her about the date, she said, "I'd LOVE to share an anniversary with you! Of course it's fine!" It's absolutely nothing to Sheri to drop whatever is going on in her own world and do whatever she can for someone else. She is one of the most kind, generous, compassionate people I have ever known.

Sheri is the kind of person that will take in a troubled teenager (done that!), drive across town to babysit for someone in an emergency (check), offer to take someone's kids off their hands (yep), go to your grandfather's funeral and sit alone, just so you know she's there (of course she did!).

Sheri Lynn, you are incredible! I love you lots, and today I am grateful for that little note on the attendance sheet back in Psych 101. You've been an amazing friend from the very first day. I love you to the moon and back!


ukfan said...

I don't know how much more I can read. Every time I feel like crying and laughing and hugging someone! But keep writing - it's fantastic.

Chrissy said...

Um yeah. I'm gonna have to quit reading your blog now. Or you're gonna have to send me tissues. Seriously....