12 March 2012

Joy Dare Weeks 9 & 10

To get back on track from my mid-week postings, I decided to skip a week of blogging (but not of counting) and get back to a Monday post. This week has been one worth counting. Full of graces, left and right. These are only a few of the highlights.

191. Ella's run
192. Ella's hug
193. A crisp apple snack
194. Green budding flowers
195. Green grass beginning
196. A walk up a giant hill
197. A new shirt
198. Comfy old shoes
199. Warm coats that shield
200. Divorce
201. Distance
202. A surplus of food
203. 2 extra hours
204. 2 inches of snow
205. 2 chocolate cookies
206. An old bracelet with new meaning
207. Worn-in new shoes
208. Glistening diamonds that sparkle in the sun
209. Sheri's 35 years of life
210. A husband who cooks
211. A multitude of flavors
212. Tornado sirens
213. Reliable news coverage
214. Skype
215. Making time
216. Etches in stone
217. The power of wind and water
218. A red reminder
219. A devotional I enjoy
220. Getting away for the day
221. Freezing cold springs
222. Incredible views
223. Taking time out to absorb it
224. Aching muscles
225. The good fatigue
226. Motivation

Yes, it has been a good week.
The spring is coming.
The weather, the clock, and the leaves are turning.
As the Earth turns toward the Sun, my Soul continues to turn further and further toward the Son - stirring the life within me.

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