01 November 2012

Gratitude: Day 1

I did this last year and I'm going to try to do it again.  During November I'm going to try to blog every day (or at least one for each day) about someone or something for which I'm thankful.  These are in no particular order, other than that it was on my mind.  So if you end up as day 30, don't be offended!

Gratitude: Day 1

Today I am simply thankful for Finley.

This sweet boy makes me laugh every time I chat with him.  He is funny and sassy and smart and stubborn and really really cute!

Today it was his cleverness as he played with his trains and cars.  The car fell off the train, which meant the ambulance had to rescue the car.  And then, OH NO! The ambulance crashed so the fire truck had to rescue them all.  And on it went.

I love that technology allows us to be close.

Before he was born, I worried that my only nephew wouldn't know me.  That the physical distance as he grew would mean we'd never have the kind of relationship I dreamed of having with my nieces/nephews.

But we do.

We have our own language - I give him kisses that fill up the entire iPad screen for him and he giggles.  Today he even kissed the screen - right on my face - in return.  This precious boy captured my heart the first time I held his tiny body, and he continues to work on me.

I'm a different person since I became an aunt.
It's a role I always knew I would love.

And I love it more than I ever thought possible.

When my mind was racing today with all sorts of things that aren't all that important, there he was on my computer screen, telling me about his trains.  When I was feeling sorry for this selfish, greedy world today, he told me how they had to return their books to the library "so someone else can have a turn."  When I chat with Finley, it makes the day a little brighter.

I love that kid!

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