05 November 2012

Gratitude: Days 3 & 4

Day 3 - I'm grateful for a sense of humor.  Chris and I spent more of this weekend laughing than we have in a while.  I love laughter - I love to find the ridiculous in things that most people miss.  Chris does too, but in a very different way than I do.  I love that about us!  Our senses of humor complement one another.

Saturday we went to the new Kroger in town.
It's a Marketplace and it's huge.
We bought 8 containers of pringles and a recliner.
Oh, and it was raining.

See!  That's funny.  And we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves purchasing chips and a recliner.  It was a good day and I'm very thankful I get to live this life with him.

Day 4 - I'm grateful for a church that loves deeply.  The more time I invest myself with them, the more I value them.  Wednesday we had Trunk-or-Treat and it was C.O.L.D!  Only about 1/2 of us managed to tough out the cold to stand outside - the rest of us (myself included) let kids ToT in the hallway with us.  And Ruth sat in the floor to greet kids from inside a cardboard box!  This senior citizen, whose grandchildren are probably too old to trick or treat, had a great time and was such a good sport.  My church is full of people like Ruth who will do just about anything for any member of that congregation.  Saturday was the Bazaar and it was a great day, as well!  So many hands have created so many things to sell - the money being used for mission and ministry projects.

No matter what they're doing, this is a bunch of people who love fiercely.  I'm delighted to get to serve alongside them.

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