02 January 2014

A white woman raising a little white girl

Watch this before you go any further.

How do I help my little white girl find an end to this problem?

Because I'm a white woman.
I have a little white girl.

And I don't know how to make this stop.

I desperately want little black boys not to have to live like this.  It's not fair.  I don't want parents of any color to have to tell their children of any color to be careful around police.  Police are helpers.  Unless you're a black teenage boy in the wrong neighborhood.

That makes me sad.
And angry.

I long for justice.
I long for a country where kids grow up feeling safe.
I long for a day when parents don't have to have "the talk" with their kids about being more respectful than "other" kids.

We can do better.
I want to help.

But how?

What do I do?
If I'm not raising a little black boy and I'm not a police officer, how do I help?

Your thoughts?
Particularly if you ARE raising a boy of color, I want to hear from you about how my little corner of this world can be safer for your son.

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