17 December 2005

Delightful Fun

What is it that causes me to have so much fun in one night and a miserable time another?
At a party earlier this semester I couldn't wait to get out the door! I was tired and cranky and just not in the mood to have fun.
Tonight I was all of those things and not having much fun ...
until someone put a Santa hat on my head.

I tell you, the thing was magical.
In fact, 30 minutes after leaving the party, I'm still wearing it.
I danced until my feet were sore,
I laughed and sang until my throat was dry and scratchy.
I connected with friends new and old.

I missed my girls.

But I know that the times we've had together will be remembered as vividly as I'll remember tonight. Sarah has moved away, but we're friends, and friends stay friends. Tonight I was keenly aware of their absence, but equally as delighted to be engaging with people I would otherwise not have enjoyed had the girls been there. I fellowshipped to the point of exhaustion.

And soon I will crawl into my bed and sleep a deep, deep sleep that I suspect will last the better part of 10 hours.

Maybe there really is some magic in this festive time of the year.

I think I'll sleep in the Santa hat!

1 comment:

Dana said...

There must have been some magic in that Santa hat you found...for when they put it on your head, you began to dance around....

yeah, long and fabulous night :)