22 September 2006

Thunder and Lightning

I've never encountered thunder quite like we have it right now. It is literally shaking the building. Each rumble rattles my computer screen and causes the lights to flicker. It is incredible! The lightning woke me at 3:45 this morning. Not the thunder, the lightning. It was that bright.

We take this very powerful world for granted in the name of convenience. I fear it will not always be as wild as it is right now. Perhaps someday we will really have dominion over this earth. And then I fear it will cease to provide for us. I pray that the thunder and lightning will remind us that we need to respect our God-given planet.

Lord, forgive us.


Dave Scott said...

Looks like we're finally getting a piece of that storm out our way. No house shakers but claps loud enough to get your attention, that's for sure.

Erin said...

It's been raining here all day. Rumor has it we've had more than 8" in 24 hours. As hard as it's been coming down, I believe it...