01 October 2006

He's finally here!

My third "pseudo-nephew" arrived on Friday morning. If you look at the Ferris Family Blog, you can see pictures of him. Cooper (the eldest) is absolutely in love with his baby brother. Nelson loves him, too, but he's not nearly as head over heels as Cooper is.

I got to be there.
On the days that I miss the city life of Atlanta terribly, I realize how much it means to be this close to my family. And the Ferris' are family. Sheri and Travis are like siblings to me, and their boys are like nephews. I love them with that sort of love.
I wouldn't miss things like that for all of the city life in the world.

Sure I miss Lebanese food.
And Target.
And malls at my fingertips.

But I didn't miss the opportunity to hear Maddox's first cry.
And that makes it all worth it.

Welcome to our world, little man.
We love you!

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