11 October 2006

Grieving from a Distance

I just got an e-mail that one of the deacons at Peachtree passed away last night. He was the first to welcome me. The first to take an interest in me. And the most excited to be on my ordaining council. Every week he greeted me with a hug and a smile. Howard Nash was a sweet friend, and he made my days at Peachtree warm.

And he has passed away. His body will be creamated and on Sunday afternoon they will hold a memorial service at Peachtree for him. I cannot go. And I'm not sure I would, anyway. I knew no one of Howard's family. And they do not know me. But I am stricken with a deep sense of loss. Peachtree was "my church" partially because of Howard's presence there.

I will miss him.

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