09 October 2006

The Plight of the Starving

World Hunger is a huge problem.
Every 5 seconds someone dies from hunger.
Every 5 seconds.
That means that in 1 hour, 720 people die.
And in a day, that is 17,280 people die.
Because they have nothing to eat.
When you add in hunger-related diseases, it becomes every 3.2 seconds and the number of people who die every day reaches 29,000.
That's too big for us to do anything at all.

But we can do one little thing.
How much did you spend on food today?

It takes 5 cents to keep a starving person alive for one more day.
5 cents.
And someone gets one more day.
For $36.00, those 720 people who died while I was in worship yesterday could have lived to see today.
And for the cost of about 15 seconds of my time, I can provide one meal.


The Hunger Site has bonded with corporations across America. Every time this link is clicked, one cup of food is provided to someone starving across the world.
One click.
No form to fill out.
No money to give.
Just a click of my finger on my mouse and someone gets to live one more day.

Is it really too much to ask?
It's not a hoax. http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/charity/hungersite.asp
Take a second now.
How many have died while you read this and wondered whether or not to bother?

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