05 October 2006

The Wisdom of Chocolate

So I've been stewing over a decision I feel I need to make the past few days. I have really been worried about making poor choices, about hurting other people, and about not caring for myself in the process.

Today has been a slow day at work. To let the last few minutes go by, I've been watching the streaming Cardinal stats on my computer (Gameday 2006 on mlb.com). At the pitcher change, I reach for a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate from my desk drawer. Typical to all Dove chocolates, there is a little "message" tucked into each wrapper.

This one says, "Don't think about it so much."

Perhaps that is, in fact, exactly what I needed to hear.

In this profession, thinking is exactly what I'm paid to do. Sometimes I need to be reminded that thoughts are not the only part of life. Sometimes we have to stop thinking and just live life as it comes to us.

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