19 December 2006

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

THIS is precisely why I love Molly.


Dave Scott said...

This certainly is funny. Although I'm not entirely sure what "this" is because my initial thought is that it's a pillow with a strap attached to it. And I'm thinking that can't be right because attaching a strap to a pillow seems like a strangulation hazard.

As for your last post on my blog, were there really THAT many typos? Perhaps your grammar/spelling Nazism has grown to OCD proportions. Or maybe I just suck more ass at typing the English language than I previously suspected.

Erin said...

It is, in fact, a pillow with a ribbon on it. And now that I think about it, that whole concept is a little funny. It's a decorative little pillow. It's only about 8 inches square (see the doorknob for reference). Typically you find them on little children's doors and will say something like "Shhh, baby is sleeping" or whatever. That's part of what makes mine so funny!

Yes, lots of typos. Go look again. ;)