10 December 2006

Bone Weary Tired

I once heard that phrase from the great Fred Craddock. It's the best way I know to describe that tiredness that goes beyond needing a nap. It is sheer fatigue, complete exhaustion. That place where it feels like even your very bones are crying out for rest.

That is how I feel today. And a part of me delights in that sensation because it is the feeling of hard work done well. We closed The Life of Christ in Living Pictures tonight, and as I stood at the manger scene, holding a 5 year old little girl and watching our real-life "baby Jesus" touch his young mother's face, I thought about how very deeply this year's story has touched me. Christ is the Light of the World.

Will I choose to love the darkness?
Or will I choose every day to stand at that manger, wondering where The Light will lead me as I attempt to shepherd the little ones?
It is good that my bones are aching with exhaustion tonight. Because in just a few moments I will crawl into my bed and rest a deep, deep sleep, knowing that tomorrow I will emerge renewed with a deeper desire to walk out of the darkness and into the Light.

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Ferris Family said...

I'm sorry you are so tired. Take a couple moments to breathe and enjoy the meaning of this season!
Grab a cup of tea, a good book, and your Shiloh. Just curl up and be.