26 January 2007

The Culprit!

Speaking of Shiloh, here are some recent pictures of her.

She's really growing! She's past 40 pounds now. Clearly, she has learned both "sit" and "stay." "Off" we can't seem to master, though. We're working now on "down" (as in lie down) and "roll over."

This picture is a few weeks old - maybe even 6 weeks. That's Shiloh on the left. She's playing with her sister (and littermate!), Blaze. The people are Terry & Mary Ann Waltman; they're the breeders. These puppies have a great time when they get together! It's hard to believe they came out of the same litter; Blaze has all of her daddy's features, and Shiloh got momma's. Blaze also outweighs Shiloh by about 7 pounds.

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