03 February 2007

How Does This Happen, One Might Ask ...

It's really quite simple.
Ella is quite the precocious little girl. She absolutely cracks me up with the phrases that come out of the mouth of this sweet 28 month-old.
So today, she and her mom were playing at my house and Ella was playing with Shiloh's kennel -locking and unlocking the door.
She crawled in there and said, "Erin, lock me in."
I said, "Ella, that's Shiloh's bed, I don't want to lock you in."
She said, "Erin, PLEAAASSSEE lock me in."
So I did.
A minute or two later, I said, "Ella, can I let you out now?"
She stayed in there for several minutes.
This is how Shiloh felt about that:
(but ... but ... that's MY bed!)

So I said, "Ella can I let you out now? Can Shiloh have a turn in her bed?"
Ella said, "No, it's MY turn!"
I said, "Well, can I put Shiloh in there with you then?"
"Uh huh."

She's one funny kid.

(And just in case Child Protection Services sees this, I PROMISE she asked to be in there! And I was in the room the whole time.)


Chris (Ella's Dad & CubsFan) said...

Bad enough she has to be around Cardinals crap at your house- now you're locking her in a cage? My daughter is SO not hanging out with you anymore.

Ferris Family said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!
I can't wait to see you in just over 5 days!!!!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! it kinda makes me wonder what you do with the rest of the children that visit your house. :)

Dave Scott said...

Thanks for the excellent story, Erin. I greatly appreciate the skillful way in which you weaved the pictures into the text of your tale.

Also, thank you for your congratulations regarding my newly crowned Super Bowl Champions. I've spent much of my day reading, writing, and watching news coverage about the game and all the celebration that followed. Most rewarding.