15 August 2007

Day 4

this resolution is totally changing my attitude. I think I might actually be sleeping better, knowing that I will not be getting out of bed to chaos. I feel more rested, though I haven't changed my bedtime or my wake-up time. I have incorporated those three steps into my bedtime routine and I've found that one other task usually gets bound up into it, also, leaving me with an even tidier house than I intended.

Oh, and yesterday I finally finished the porch/door project; I'll post a picture soon. With the heat and humidity, I haven't had a chance to work on it in a long time. It's nice to have that project completed, and it looks great (I think, anyway)!

In honor of Sharon, I will be having Subway for lunch today. Happy American dining, my online friend! :)

1 comment:

Sharon, Isabella's Mommy said...

Fantastic idea! Enjoy every delicious bite!!!