07 September 2007

Prayers for Sunday & Guatemala

Many of you know the story of Katie, Russ, and Eliot.

Almost 2 months ago (Hard to believe, isn't it, Katie?) they came home from a very long, very messy adoption process in Guatemala. Through their journey, I have learned a lot about adopting in Guatemala. Right now, adoptions in Guatemala are "ugly," to say the least. But, with prayer, that could be changing.

Elections are this Sunday in Guatemala. At the moment, several "virtual" friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends are adopting from Guatemala and the situation has been very grim. Many adopting moms have been told to stay in their homes with their babies and not to leave the house, for fear of arrest. Adoption has become very stressful in Guatemala these last few months and children are being taken away from orphanages and, potentially, their adopting parents. On Sunday, the elections will happen and many adoption agencies believe some of the turmoil will settle down after that.

Please pray for wisdom for the Guatemalan people.
Pray for peace for these foster/adopting moms.
Pray for a swift resolve of their cases.
Pray for hope and joy for each of them in these difficult times.

All these families want is to bring their children home.


Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

Thanks friend!!

Sharon, Isabella's Mommy said...

Wow, thank you, friend! You said it beautifully. All we want is to bring our children home! You're the best, Erin! Ever wanted to visit Guatemala???? ;)

erinberry said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts! (and your offer of poly-fill!)